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Using technology to deliver a better
care experience for everyone.

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cAir - Your care companion

cAir uses AI to help healthcare professionals make better decisions. It provides accessible care management for everyone, with the ability to track symptoms, and smart monitoring to alert you to any warning signs.

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Why cAir?

We know that people want to own their health data and take control of their care. That's what cAir offers to everyone.

Care Passport - One platform owned and controlled by you

Care Passport integrates with wearables, medical devices and cutting edge technology. It uses machine learning to help health professionals gather and review vital-sign readings and assess the health and well-being of people at home.

A blockchain-enabled ecosystem of services lets people spend health currency in the form of tokens on physical and social activities.

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Why Care Passport?

Today, people are focusing more on prevention and maintenance when it comes to their health and asking for more information from health professionals.

Care Passport gives people the information and tools they need to stay in the best possible health.

Pair my Care - Get the
support that’s right for you

Pair my care puts you in total control. Find someone who matches your needs and book them right away. Every carer has at least 2 years’ experience and has been carefully vetted and approved with full insurance.

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Why Pair my Care?

Wouldn’t it be great to know all about the carer coming into my home - someone you choose yourself? That’s what Pair My Care offers. Find out all about a carer, their background, experience and even their hobbies before you book them.

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