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Sep 8
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All of us can agree that the Coronavirus pandemic has reshaped the way we look at our way of life, our relationships, selfcare but most importantly, the way we view our own health. For most, the pandemic has pushed them to take the reins of their own health into their own hands, looking to health apps for support, wearables for baseline health data, as well as local gyms and mental health support.

This is indeed high time for the health tech industry to keep up with the needs of today’s society, gearing up to suit particularly our growing need to understand and collect our most relevant health data and make use of these data in order to drive our own health needs and goals  forward.

With the increasing demand for health and lifestyle apps to deliver smart and sophisticated solutions, we, at Axela Innovations acknowledge this gap and are enthusiastic about bringing in products that are tailored to fit each of your needs and even more whilst maintaining and taking onboard the value of trust that is ever present in healthcare into the health tech sphere. It is only right that in the midst of this growth we apply ourselves as innovators but at the very core, educators as well. We’ve welcomed on board  two bright and fantastic members to our team as interns from different backgrounds with different specialties that work together to contribute and develop better solutions for better innovations.

Sakshi Jain holds a degree in Information Technology Engineering with Data Analytics background and has co-authored the article on Glaucoma Detection using Convolutional Neural Network which has been published on the International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology.

Misha Gabucan is a Registered Nurse who has served both in the Philippines and Singapore healthcare settings and has worked as a Clinical Researcher with studies on Dengue vaccine for 5 years and now doing global research on Oncology and Infectious Diseases.  

Exciting times for Axela Innovations ahead.