Why now is the best time to lead a healthier life?

Kizia Hill
Oct 22
min read
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We can all agree that as much as we all loved the perks of working from home, the toll of staying indoors mostly since the pandemic hit has taken a wrong turn for our eating habits and our general health and wellbeing. All the rediscovery of baking and cooking in general had us all craving for the next muffin or Sunday roast.

On top of all the baking stories flooding our instagram feeds, there’s also the added stress of isolation and the decrease in our social face-to-face interactions. There’s no surprise that establishing healthy habits have become even more challenging than it already was pre-pandemic times. We’ve all been there, we binge eat on a pack of crisps and a tub of haagen dazs because it’s been a stressful day then promised to never do it again until stress comes knocking on our doors midweek and the whole cycle continues. We’re well aware of how food and exercise could affect our moods, our energy levels, physical state and many more and yet we can’t seem to stop going down this endless rabbit hole.

Despite these difficulties, it’s crucial that we continue to make the necessary health changes to help us optimise our lives and those of the people around us. So why start now?

1. The influx of evidence-based information and support in the present time
We’re living in the age of the internet where every google search shows pages and pages of articles and data pertaining to the same, if not similar information. It’s now becoming easier for all of us to access and gather evidence-based data on health and nutrition. There’s also a growing number of healthcare professionals sharing more evidence-based content on every online space. This means that the chasm between knowledge and achieving realistic and sustainable nutrition and health goals that has been one of the factors hindering us from reaching our end goals in nutrition and health is no longer as wide as it used to be decades ago. It is our responsibility to learn as much as we can and apply these learnings invariably in our daily lives.

2.COVID 19 is not going to be the last pandemic this world is going to see
Modern medicine has undoubtedly extended our lifespans and improved natural human courses such as pregnancy and delivery, not to mention it completely revolutionised our entire civilization. However, our growing need for prophylactics have also contributed to some of the most terrifying diseases that have continued to plague us even in this modern time. No doubt COVID 19 will not be the last pandemic the human race will see, there’ll be more and what better way to dodge this bullet than by working on our own health and bulletproofing our immune system?

3. Advancing technology

The advent of technology has brought us all the luxuries of speaking to loved ones from across the globe, the food we love at our doorsteps, the constant stream of data 24/7 and now, better healthcare innovations. The ubiquity of mobile phones, smart watches and tablets has created an opportunity for technology to bridge a gap in our need for health and data to marry up. Our healthcare journeys have become more available to us in the form of wearable technology, online medical records, water bottles that keep track of our hydration levels and so on. It’s time we use technology to our advantage and enable it to change our health goals may it be understanding your supplements and medications better or tracking your heart rate on a day-to-day basis. Today’s society encourages us to make better health choices and with so many health apps launched to help support people’s goals of changing their diets, keeping fit or even just increasing their hydration levels, what better time than now to make that choice of leading a healthier life?

If there’s one lesson the COVID 19 pandemic has taught us all, it’s that health definitely is wealth and what better time to take action than now?